Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Sculptured Urns

New West Highland Terrier Urn

Petributes West Highland Terrier Urn

These gorgeous bundles of energy really know their own minds – and exactly who’s boss!

Confident, friendly and happy, they love to be in the thick of family life, joining in the conversation at dinner and having their say. Loyal and faithful, they demand – and deserve – the same in return from the families who [...]

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New Labrador Urn

Petributes Labrador Urn

Anyone who has had a Labrador in their life has experienced a love that will last forever.

Their infectious bouncy playfulness and sweet, gentle nature is an irresistible combination. The tail that catches you off-guard every time, the “Labrador lean” and that soft chin on your lap – and always knowing where the treats are, no [...]

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New Border Collie Compact Urn

Petributes Border Collie Compact Urn

Border Collies are destined to capture your heart. Their dizzying energy and intelligence is coupled with sensitivity and intuition and the loss of a Border Collie is undoubtedly a time of great sadness and loss.

Our Border Collie figurine urn beautifully reflects the agility, alertness and playfulness of this joyful breed and is a perfect memorial [...]

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