Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Woven Urns

Willow Urn

Petributes Willow Urn

Hand woven in eco-friendly natural willow, our Willow Ashes Urns have drawstring linings in unbleached cotton calico and, being totally biodegradable, are suitable for scattering or burial of your pet’s ashes or are beautiful enough to keep at home.
Petributes Willow Urns are currently available in the US in a large size suitable for very large [...]

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Scatter Pouches


Petributes Scatter Pouches are hand woven in natural bamboo; an eco-friendly and totally biodegradable container for the burial or scattering of ashes.

Scatter Pouches are available in four sizes.

Size 1: 4 x 3in. capacity 9in³
Size 2: 6 x 5in. capacity 24in³
Size 3: 8 x 5in. capacity 36in³
Size 4: 12 x 8½in. capacity 150in³

(floral spray and [...]

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