Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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New Findon Urn

Petributes biodegradable Findon Urns

This simple, attractive quality cardboard ashes urn has a memento shelf insert which discreetly conceals the ashes compartment below, whilst keepsake items can be stored in the space above.

The lid has a ribbon loop to open and closes securely with magnets. Inside the lid are tabs to hold a printable cremation certificate (included). These may [...]

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New Border Collie Keepsake

Petributes Border Collie Keepsake

Border Collies are destined to capture your heart. Their dizzying energy and intelligence is coupled with sensitivity and intuition and the loss of a Border Collie is undoubtedly a time of great sadness and loss.

Our Border Collie figurine keepsake beautifully reflects the agility, alertness and playfulness of this joyful breed and is a perfect memorial [...]

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New Cavalier King Charles Keepsake

Petributes Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Keepsake

The happy-go-lucky Cavalier is undoubtedly a family favourite. Playful, cuddly and sweet-natured their mission in life is to be everybody’s friend.

The gentle and loving personality of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is beautifully captured in this wonderful keepsake, making it a perfect memorial. Cast in resin and electroplated in copper, the Cast Petributes Cavalier keepsake [...]

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