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Questions About Pet Cremation

Is it better to bury or cremate your pet?

The choice of whether to bury or cremate your pet is a very personal one, but there are also a number of practical considerations. Not everyone has a suitable space at home to bury their pets or local regulations may prevent it. Sometimes people worry about burying pets at home and then moving house. If you wish to keep your pet close to you in some way after it has passed on, cremation and having the ashes returned to you can be the answer. 
Ultimately, whether to bury or cremate your pet is down to personal choice and practicalities and there is no “right” or “wrong”. Whatever you decide is the right choice for you and your family.

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How long does it take to get cremated remains back?

The time taken for ashes to be returned after a cremation can vary. If having the ashes back promptly is important to you we recommend you ask your veterinarian or pet crematory about it when you organise your pet’s cremation.

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Questions about our products

What is a keepsake urn?

Keepsake urns hold a small portion of a pet’s ashes. Keepsakes come in many styles and types so there will always be something that will perfectly suit your wishes for a lovely memento of your beloved pet. Some are designed to keep close by you, as a comforting reminder of your beloved and much-missed pet. Keepsakes can also be a way for members of the pet’s family to share ashes between them as a remembrance. Some people who decide to scatter their pet’s ashes also like to keep a tiny amount to put into a keepsake. 

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How do I know if my pet's ashes will fit the urn I like?

We give the ashes capacity (volume) of all our products on the page for each product along with dimensions and other important information. The volume of cremated ashes can depend on a number of factors, and we recommend you speak to your pet crematory about the urn capacity your pet’s ashes will need as they are the experts in this area. We are always happy to give additional help and advice if you need it.

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Questions about service, delivery & returns

Do you deliver to Canada?

We offer delivery to Canada but we have to calculate shipping, tax & duty costs manually. We like to make sure that you have a good idea of these costs before you make your purchase, so contact us with the details of your address and the products you’d like to order and we will let you know first.

If you are a trade customer, we can set up your account so you can place your orders online as normal, and we will send you a consolidated invoice with these costs included before payment.

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I am a business, can I buy wholesale?

Yes, you can! if you are a pet funeral or related business you can register for a Trade account with us. Complete the registration form on this page and select “Trade” as the account type. Be sure to wait for the email confirming that your trade account status has been activated before placing your first order.

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